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Play Wicked Cards

Play Online With Your Friends for Free

The free online cards against humanity alternative

Play Now

How does it work? It's simple

1. Hit Play Now and Invite Friends

Then either start a new game or join an existing game. If you start a new game you'll receive a short code you can share with your friends to join your game.

2. A Card is Called

Have your friends enter the code you created in step 1. You're now ready to play wicked cards against your friends. Setup a zoom, skype or google conference call and let the hijinx ensue. You will need a minimum of 3 players.

3. Everyone submits a response

A Prompt will appear at the top of your screen with a blank space to fill in and you will have a list of cards underneath it. Select the card that you think matches the blank the best (or is the funniest).

4. Everyone Votes

Once everyone has selected their card one of the players will read out the prompt with each card filling the blank. Then everyone can vote for their favorite answer and the player with the most votes wins the round. First to 10 wins the game!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I win?

For each round everyone playing is able to cast their vote for the most entertaining card. Play to your audience and choose a card you think appeals most to the people you're playing with.

Are there special rules?

You may not vote for your own card, it's not even clickable so don't even try.

How many people can play?

There are no limits but it's best to keep a game 10 or below simply because it takes too long for everyone to cast a vote if you have more than that many people playing.

Is this Cards Against Humanity?

No, while there are similarities between the two Wicked Cards is different in a number of ways. Firstly we are online only. Unlike Cards against humanity there is no judge appointed for each round, everyone is able to vote for their favourite card. Thirdly points are given for each vote you receive so you can still do well without winning a round. Lastly our decks are created by the community and selected based upon usage to ensure a constantly evolving fun deck of cards.